Xenia, the Linux mascot

Thanks to Immy for this awesome video.

Xenia, the fox girl mascot of Linux, was first designed in 1996 by Alan Mackey. She was meant to be an alternative to Tux, the official mascot. Something that would resurface in an article years later.

But far from being the end of the story, when twitter user Cathodegaytube found about this from her girlfriend in 2019, she decided to redraw her and posted about it.

Months later, in 2020, she revealed how Alan Mackey reacted to her redesign.
It was a surprise to her that Alan had first intended to make his fox a boy.

As it happens, Xenia (a name chosen by Cathodegaytube's girlfriend, AmyWrightDev), became a girl off-screen and came out during pride month.
A series of coincidences brought about trans representation to this historically cishet male centric sector of software.
Special thanks to this recap on Mastodon (cybre.space) without which this page wouldn't be possible.

These news gave new life to Xenia and as artists became interested in her we saw some more art of her.
In order, FirstProgenitor, HeyHeather, and Marbles made these versions, later made into stickers by Shadow8t4.

Additionally, here's a version of Cathodegaytube's original slightly edited to fit as a splash screen for linux.

The following are a series of icons made by Tori to try to give her an application as a logotype, instead of just the more figurative illustrations.
These are free to use for developers as long as they're properly attributed, so go ahead!

These two were sent to me by Sqx. Flann and were made by JD Laclede and Bottles221 (whose profile has been deleted since) respectively.

Twitter user WaferMouse made this one with CathodeGayTube

Twitter user Jik Hai commisioned this great Xenia image from Flying Hyena. Beautiful! The fluffiest linux mascot is back!

User apt from cybre.space posted this Xenia drawing.

User Wafer from mastodon made this one.

Twitter user Cricket got commisioned by Lua to make this cute art of Xenia at work.

Twitter user NeriTheKitten made this one and it was posted by Lua.

Twitter user HukengArt created this one and posted in on Fur Affinity and DeviantArt.

If you make or find any other art of Xenia, please do contact me and I will upload it here with full credit. Thanks!

The images in this site belong to their respective authors and are stored here for archival purposes, but the license of the character itself is uncertain, for now, although it is likely to become free to reproduce under Creative Commons or even Public Domain at some point.

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